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Apr 092013

In recent society, our life space is becoming smaller and smaller because of more people are born every day. Therefore we need to reduce our space, in other words, make the space more and more available and slim. Nowadays there are some vacuum bags on sale. I think this is one of an example that can save our space. Nevertheless, project it to the computer storage space, we can trace and draw similar service as well, such as the compressed software. Such software is usually with the format of .rar or .zip but given that RAR is much known well to us; here we only talk about the ZIP.

As we can see, transfer documents to ZIP archives can undeniably make the internal storage of the original documents smaller, and next time when you need to see the inner document you can double click the archives or uncompress the files to the desired location. What’s more, you can compress several same or different types of files to a ZIP archive, it is much convenient for you to upload you’re a serious of related files. But compressing your files to ZIP format is simple, to uncompress them is sometimes not so easy, especially the ZIP archives are password protected by someone.


So how can we decrypt ZIP archives password in order to uncompress them? Firstly we are able to figure out that as a matter of fact our files are compressed with the compressed software, therefore once the archives are locked with passwords, there must be software that can decrypt it. The world is so constituted that there is always one thing to conquer another. When one thing is used for attack, there is bound to be another to conquer it. This simple reason is the same as it. And now the problem is becoming easy, just take advantage of a zip password remove tool to remove the password or retrieval the password and then the solution is finished.

Which password recovery tool is able to use? Indeed, it depends on the user’s various experiences. In my opinion, SmartKey ZIP Password Recovery is not so bad. It is a powerful and advanced ZIP password recovery program that can easily find out any encrypted Zip, WinZip, PKZip or 7Zip archives. No matter the zip password is created by you but you forgot it or lost it, or the password is set up by another unknown person, it is always be the excellent assistant to recover your zip password.

Are you wondering how to use this advanced zip password cracker application now? Follow the guide as below:

Step 1: Start an accessible computer and open your web browser. Google search this tool or directly type the web address of this tool if you know and then download and install it. After that open this tool and import your locked zip archive.


Step 2: Choose one password attack type from the displayed three options. They are Brute-force Attack, Brute-force with Mask Attack together with Dictionary Attack. About its usage you can refer the instructions of the product official website.


Step 3: The password recovery process will begin after clicking the Start button. You can also click Stop if you want to return to the previous step. Within minutes you can see the decrypted password that is recovered by this zip password cracker.


Well, it is pretty simple to learn this easy tool, now you can open your password protected compressed archive with zip format!

Mar 192013

How much knowledge have you learned about ZIP?

The ZIP format is one of the several mainstream compressed formats; its competitors contain the RAR and the open sourced 7-Zip format. Perhaps we have heard RAR more than the ZIP among the compressed formats; however, we can’t ignore the importance of ZIP too much. Their relationship is just like the Apple and Windows, both of them has its own OS and we can choose one of them or both as long as we are willing to. Thus, in order to understand the ZIP format, let me tell you something about it.

ZIP has two meanings; one is stands for a kind of floppy drive, the capacity of a ZIP disc is 100MB approximately, the other is mean to the computer file compress algorithm. Its old name is Deflate and its inventor Phil Katz announced the datum of ZIP format in January, 1989. Certainly what we talk about here is the later explanation of ZIP. Now you have shaped a comprehension about ZIP.

My warning about ZIP password is

What I have to warn you is that the ZIP supports a simple password that is based on a symmetrical encryption system. That is to say, everyone can set passwords on it, but what if you happen to forget or lose the password that you created, or you download a ZIP file that is password protected and you can’t get the password? That is also the last thing we want to meet.



Is there any ZIP password cracker for us?

Under the circumstances, firstly you have to realize that there is no free way to get around. Thus, what’s to be done with your encrypted ZIP file? Congratulations! There is a ZIP password cracker to help you with this miserable problem. You are lucky enough to know about this. This tool is professional, powerful and magic, it is able to not only recover achieves like WinZip and PKZip, but also the 7-Zip format. It has the most progressive multi-code CPU processing and GPU acceleration technology to find out your ZIP file password easily and quickly.


I got a ZIP password recovery tool!

Do you want to know what this excellent program is? Well, what I mean here is the SmartKey ZIP Password Recovery Standard. It helped me remove my forgotten encrypted ZIP file so that I could open it as soon as possible. Consequently, I don’t have to be fired by my boss the next day. You may never know work is so significant for me and I can’t believe that one day it is my fault to lose my job possibly. Thanks to God! That will never happen as I have this app.


How to use this ZIP Password Recovery?

To tell you a surprising truth, it is quite easy to use and deals with your zip password remove issue. Just install it after downloading and then select your locked ZIP achieve. Choose one of the attack types and click Start to begin the recovery process, within seconds your password will be shown and then you can enter the file with this password and then you can remove its password in perpetuity. For more detail explanations about it you can visit this link: as well.


Share your opinions with me now!

Last but not least, you may have another choice for such similar programs from the other way, but as a user, who has an experience on using this zip password cracker, I speak highly of this tool and therefore I share my reviews with you. If you have a different point of view about me, my post or this advanced ZIP password finder, welcome to put forward to it.